Venue Development

Be the Destination

Strip shopping centers, outdoor malls and town-center parks are changing the way we shop and socialize. It is quite common to see new, up-scale destinations tucked neatly into residential neighborhoods. More than shopping, these have become places to meet, have coffee or even dinner while mingling with friends. The typical demographic attending this type of property is diverse and encompasses many segments of the local population.

Throughput Management can identify these groups and build effective, targeted advertising and marketing systems to get your property in front of them.

Community Centers, amphitheaters, convention centers and similar venues require sophisticated, carefully managed marketing strategies. We can balance your need for exciting and successful events with budget and fiscal prudence on almost any scale. Attract the big shows, get your venue into the planning stages of their next tour, book the profitable shows to make your property the destination in demand.


Support the Customer-base for your Tenants

We can develop community-level campaigns to promote your property and illuminate its strengths for the general public. This will benefit your operation, improve the number of visitors and add to the bottom line of your tenants as well.

Beyond signage and press releases, we can address traffic flow, lighting systems (including natural light) and common area temperature management. All of this balances costs, effort and productivity of your facility. What a great selling point when you are courting prospective tenants?

Branding and Anchoring

Consistency in your message, color schemes, service delivery and general public perception are vital to managing your brand. Our campaigns are comprehensive and go well beyond typical 'logo and tagline' advertising. We will carefully craft the image you intend to have, build all the collateral materials and social media platforms for you and develop a maintenance and execution plan to keep them fresh and engaging.

Please give us a call or email and a few minutes of your time to find out how we can improve your throughput with a solid branding and name recognition campaign.

Make it Pop!

Focused Marketing
Our marketing team will start with a comprehensive demographic study in and around your facility. Interactive discussions with your management team will allow us to tailor your message and build your brand, company culture and specific intentions into the overall project.

Target Audience
The overall success of your marketing efforts will be in a large part due to how many of your target customers actually receive your message. We will show you how this is done with analytical tools, data mining and effective use of technology.

Traditional Media
Newspapers are fading in popularity in paper form, but are growing and evolving online. Did you know almost every major metropolitan newspaper is now online? This means your text or display ad can be served to millions of readers picking up stories from news aggregators without ever subscribing to the newspaper.

Social Platforms
Creating, building and maintaining relevant content in social media platforms is now considered a requirement for most businesses. We can manage some or all of this sometimes daunting task.

Specialty project finance using investment bank instruments may be the key to funding your complicated, hard-to-fund project.

Call me!
When you are ready to take the next step in growing your customer base, just pick up the phone and give us a call or send a quick email. The Contact Us page has the details.

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