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Commercial & Industrial Property Owner/Manager

Throughput Management is a direct owner/manager of high performance industrial and commercial property. We buy and hold unique assets like manufacturing centers, warehouse, mixed-use office, shopping centers and oil & gas property too.

We use our extensive expertise and decades of experience in commercial and industrial property operations, management and ownership for our benefit and yours. We practice what we teach and we teach what we do! See below and on the side menu how we do it!


Warthan Group

One of the keys to our success and yours is in strategic alliance and building strong networks. Part of our strength in consulting and training services comes directly from Warthan Group and its principal, Nelson Warthan.

Check out their website to see the enhanced capabilities we can offer you by way of our partner, http://www.warthangroup.com


Commercial & Industrial Property Assessment

We have the right team of real estate specialists to match almost any type of property. This allows us to generate a comprehensive property assessment based upon real-world experience.

Our property assessments are used to guide purchase decisions, formulate remodel plans and precursors to projects involving retrofitting mechanical and electrical systems. We have extensive experience in data centers, hospitals, production facilities, manufacturing plants, retail centers, business parks and commercial high-rise.

Choose the systems to be evaluated and the level of detail. All of our property assessments are modular and can be easily tailored to fit your needs. More details are available in the Property Assessments section.

Waste Stream Management and Recycling

Waste streams from residential, commercial and industrial manufacturing processes invariably end up generating discards that go to the landfill or worse - directly into the local ecology.

Collecting and processing these apparent waste items has quickly evolved into a complex industry of its own.

Bottom Line

Performance Contracting
Ask about performance contracting where we get paid based upon overall efficiency increases realized by our clients. Our systems include research and baseline documentation for your project and no up front cost.

Process Control
The engineers of Throughput Management, Inc. consult on a wide variety of industrial processes ranging from commercial water treatment, waste water management, solid waste handling systems, recycling systems and logistics management programs. Most of our services are performance-based with the initial survey and recommendations provided at no cost or obligation.

Need to move some products, merchandise or recycle scrap? Our logistics group will design a complete project around your requirements and ensure every detail is attended to. We can even finance your merchandise acquisitions using our credit lines and network of global partners in logistics and material movement.

Vendor Management
Vendor management policy is often left to chance. Unfortunately, it is the root cause of unnecessary waste on a grand scale. All of our systems address this vital part of your business. The very core of our service offerings are built on solid vendor management techniques.

About Us

Throughput Management, Inc. is a leading commercial and industrial real estate service company. Our core business is based upon continuous improvement in commercial and industrial property operations by performing audits, making process improvements and providing managerial, financial and operations training.

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