Recycling and The True Cost System

Perfect Match

Recycling, wastewater, landfill management, transfer station operations are all perfect candidates for The True Cost System™. Each and every area of recycling and material re-use has its own issues, problems and special circumstances. What better place for a structured, analytical process analysis tool to be employed.

Consider what it takes to recycle a single item. Once used by the consumer it must be collected, sorted, concentrated into viable quantities, processed, purified and stored before it can be re-manufactured! This material life-cycle / re-cycle applies to all manner of materials from plastics, glass, carpet, rubber, metals and a host of other recycle-able materials. The True Cost System™ can create efficiencies and economies within the recycling processes to make them viable on almost any scale.

Complex Systems

Simple Items - Complex Systems

Even items that appear to be simple to handle can pose such serious challenges in the re-manufacture arena so as to make them not worth the trouble. Various government authorities have dealt with this issue in the form of rebates, incentives and ‘Cash Redemption Value’ or CRV .

The requirement is still there to develop complex systems of people and machines to collect, transport and handle the materials.

This is the area where Throughput Management really shines: designing and managing solutions based upon the principles of The True Cost System™

    Basics of the True Cost System™
  • Technical - solutions that really work
  • Administrative - solutions must include the right automation so it can be managed efficiently
  • Policy - solutions set the ground work, rule sets and guide lines for a successful operation

No More Low Hanging Fruit

Years ago, when recycle initiatives were started all over the world, the easy-to-recycle items were quickly identified and funneled into a simple process of collection, sorting and shipping to the re-manufacturer.

Now we have a very different world. Consumer electronics have become very popular and relatively inexpensive in most of the world. This has created new challenges and new opportunities for recycling. eWaste is one of the most recent additions to this trend. New computers and other office equipment become obsolete in a short few months, replaced with the newest generation of hardware and software. These machines are filled with plastics, metals and glass; all of which can be re-cycled.

recycled tires

Special Case

Other materials once thought impossible to recycle are now finding new markets. For example millions of old tires once littered the landfills and salvage yards apparently reaching the end of a one-way road. Now these old tires are ground up and used for a variety of products such as artificial turf, rubberized playground matting and a host of other clever new products.

Throughput Management, Inc. can design the systems, processes, infrastructure and equipment to reduce the amount of materials dumped into landfills. From collectors to transfer stations and landfill operators; The True Cost System™ can tune your operations for major efficiency improvements.


Simple Plan
Our approach for your difficult-to-recycle materials:

1. We will create a repeatable, mechanical process that can easily grow without incremental costs.

2. The output of our process will render the materials in a condition for direct re-manufacture without further processing.

3. There will not be any waste products to send to the landfill.

Do you have a 'problem material'? Looking for ways to pre-process it for recycling? Throughput Management has the key.

eWaste is a byproduct of our technology-based society. We buy computers, printers, copiers and the latest televisions at a frightening pace. All this new technology is also becoming obsolete, being replaced with the next generation of gadgets.

Most of the time, these discards end up in the landfill and add to the heavy metals and other toxins polluting our ground water. We streamline the collection, processing and re-manufacturing of this material source.

We consult, design, build and manage all manner of systems, programs and processes to divert solid waste products from the landfills back to industry. Do you have a problem material and need to find a use or re-use? We can help.

We design, build and operate dismantling centers and transfer stations for all sorts of waste, from eWaste to residential refuse, construction debris and commercial recycling programs.

Specialty Materials
Tires, carpet, leaded glass and a host of other materials pose significant challenges to the recycle company.

We not only have solutions for these and other special materials, we also have the processes and machines to pre-process them. We manage a network of buyers that are ready to purchase your pre-processed materials.

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