Disassembly and Logistics

Dismantle tuning

Most waste handlers, eWaste collectors and transfer stations perform their own dismantling, sorting and often transportation. If you have such an operation The True Cost System™ can greatly improve your operation and increase the overall throughput of your disassembly plant.

We can bring the latest thinking, ideas and innovations to your shop floor for open discussions about how and of course how much we can improve what you already have.


Shipping and Logistics

Stripping computers, sorting residential recycle and concentrating these materials into containers is only the beginning. Now these materials must be transported to the re-manufacturer. Sometimes this might be a local company, while other times the buyer will be across the country or the other side of the world.

This is another area where Throughput Management, Inc. can design and manage a seemingly complicated process and reduce your total cost of ownership.

Buyer Management

Some buyers are intermediaries such as scrap yards while others are the company intent on inserting the materials into its own feedstock. We understand how recycling networks are set up and maintained. Do you need a logistics solution? Do you need a buyer that is more responsive and can handle larger or smaller quantities? Are you a buyer in need of specific materials? Maybe you are primarily a concentrator or scrap yard and need a more predictable flow of materials?

Throughput Management, Inc. can set up and maintain your entire waste and recycle shipping and logistics operations with effective buyer management systems and services and maintain your collector network. Call or email us for a free no-obligation consultation.


Simple Plan
Our approach for your difficult-to-recycle materials:

1. We will create a repeatable, mechanical process that can easily grow without incremental costs.

2. The output of our process will render the materials in a condition for direct re-manufacture without further processing.

3. There will not be any waste products to send to the landfill.

Do you have a 'problem material'? Looking for ways to pre-process it for recycling? Throughput Management has the key.

eWaste is a byproduct of our technology-based society. We buy computers, printers, copiers and the latest televisions at a frightening pace. All this new technology is also becoming obsolete, being replaced with the next generation of gadgets.

Most of the time, these discards end up in the landfill and add to the heavy metals and other toxins polluting our ground water. We streamline the collection, processing and re-manufacturing of this material source.

We consult, design, build and manage all manner of systems, programs and processes to divert solid waste products from the landfills back to industry. Do you have a problem material and need to find a use or re-use? We can help.

We design, build and operate dismantling centers and transfer stations for all sorts of waste, from eWaste to residential refuse, construction debris and commercial recycling programs.

Specialty Materials
Tires, carpet, leaded glass and a host of other materials pose significant challenges to the recycle company.

We not only have solutions for these and other special materials, we also have the processes and machines to pre-process them. We manage a network of buyers that are ready to purchase your pre-processed materials.

About Us

Throughput Management, Inc. is a leading commercial and industrial real estate service company. Our core business is based upon continuous improvement in commercial and industrial property operations by performing audits, making process improvements and providing managerial, financial and operations training.

We operate a global Fuel Desk where we buy, sell and broker crude oil, refined petroleum products, fuels and gases.

The COVID-19 Pandemic has created disruptive global upheaval causing loss of life and economic uncertaintanty. Throughput Management intends to be part of the recovery and has devoted sigificant resources to providing medical supplies to those in need.

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