Overview of our Services

From assessments to training

Our core service offerings embody decades of experience in commercial property operations, management and finance to directly benefit our clients. Assessment services can be expanded to evaluate your vendors, staffing, maintenance programs, financials (SOX audits) along with traditional Property Condition Assessments.

Check out our workshop schedule and send your team to some real high-performance training. Workshops are provided in a variety of categories and directly support owners, managers, operations staff, operators and specialty vendors.

We can design and optionally implement a complete recycling program for your buildings whether they are single-tenant, owner-occupied or multi-tenant configurations. Ask us about our retail center recycling programs too.

The True Cost System

Our service offerings include audit, review, recommendation, installation and long term monitoring and management for your production processes.

The True Cost System is a precise, repeatable methodology for complex commercial and industrial process analysis. The results of this analysis will clearly demonstrate where to focus attention and generate improved efficiency. This usually translates to profit and reduced operational expenses. Furthermore, risk is defined and often reduced as well.

Service Pricing

Our services are dynamic and customized to exactly fit each customer. This allows us to maximize the efficiency and minimize cost. This efficiency is passed on to our customers. We often operate on a performance basis, sharing the risk with our customers.

Contact, consultation and initial assessment are all at no cost or obligation to the customer.

Research and Development

We have a diverse group of professionals we can bring to bear on your tough problems. Sometimes the solutions we develop are for a specific issue or problem encountered by particular companies or industries.

Throughput Management, Inc. is sometimes called upon to develop processes, products, industrial machinery or some combination of equipment and process to solve a problem. This is an area where we really excel and can turn your problems into opportunities.


Our service offerings are based upon The True Cost System , a comprehensive set of analytical tools purpose-built for analyzing complex industrial processes. Please take a moment to review the other pages of this site to get a better understanding of the problems we solve.

We assist our clients with creating and refining workable production and operations policy to manage their industrial processes. The purpose here is to develop long-lasting, sustainable processes that work today and into the future.

Industrial processes are often a combination of tools, equipment, people and complex machinery. The opportunities for repeatable process improvement may involve new equipment or just a new way of operating existing equipment. Our analytical surveys will pinpoint and compare these subtle differences and identify the gross throughput of your operation with iterations of different equipment and process configurations.

Finally we put it all together by addressing the administrative aspects with the right blend and balance of policy, automation, process feedback and continuous tuning. For process improvements to deliver results to the bottom line, they must be manageable and scalable.

Throughput Management, Inc. is the ideal resource for your complex process improvement challenge.

About Us

Throughput Management, Inc. is a leading commercial and industrial real estate service company. Our core business is based upon continuous improvement in commercial and industrial property operations by performing audits, making process improvements and providing managerial, financial and operations training.

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