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For the Professional Trainer

Are you a professional trainer, teacher or public speaker? Do you have public speaking engagements in your future?

If you answered yes, then this is the place for you. Here you will find a unique collection of tools, services and support to make your training more rewarding for you and your audience. Our services include everything your company needs for any length workshop, seminar or certificate program.

We will work interactively with your management team to design the best training systems tailored to your specific needs.

    Here is a quick list of what we can create for you:

  • The concepts you will be teaching
  • Course outlines
  • All presentation materials in all formats
  • Textbooks, workbooks, homework and reading lists
  • Instructor Materials
  • Tests, exams and follow-up study guides

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Presentations, Seminars and Workshops

Throughput Management, Inc. maintains a network of professionals in a wide variety of fields. When you need to create a workshop to teach your employees, we are the right service provider to have.

Professional speakers will realize the benefits of a training development company the first time they use our service. Our streamlined processes and lightning fast production capabilities are some of the top reasons to chose us as your training service provider.

Guest Speakers

Do you need to give a speech or short presentation? You can count on Throughput Management, Inc. to develop a powerful presentation that goes beyond mere words and really delivers your message. Send us an outline of your subject matter and the approximate duration of your presentation; we'll do the rest!

Short on time? Need a topic? Call on our experience and huge network of seasoned professionals to develop speeches, presentation materials, hand-outs, slide-shows, and video for your guest appearance.

Custom Training Systems

Do you have a unique product or service to present? Do you need to integrate interactive video and slide shows into your 3-month certificate course? What if the material you need to present does not exist in textbook form?

Throughput Management, Inc. is your training services partner. We can create the copy, edit your content and produce textbooks, workbooks, hand-outs, slide shows, video, self-directed web-based study / exams in any number of media. The only limits are your imagination!


Train the Trainer

Training centers need quality, sound instructors to deliver the material in a consistent, professional manner that engages the audience. We have developed specialized instruction courses on how to present materials. Beyond in-depth knowledge of the source material, the instructor needs to know how to connect with the audience for the efficient transfer of knowledge.

We will teach your trainers how to deliver consistent presentations and stay on course with the approved curriculum.

Professional Publishing and Distribution

Some of our customers have seminar circuits or regularly scheduled workshops where they present to audiences dozens or even hundreds of times per year. We can maintain your library of materials, publish them as needed and ship them to your training venue.

There is no need to order in huge quantities, then try to store stacks and stacks of CDs, workbooks and class outlines. Use our 'Publish-on-Demand' and save yourself the time and expense of warehousing materials. We will publish your materials and ship it directly to your venue.

Systems Developer

Do you need to transform a process in your organization into a formal training system for your staff? We have the experience, training and credentials to develop professional coursework curriculum for your company.

Our training systems include all media types custom tailored to your specifications. We can develop your content or ours in any modern media rendering dynamic, fun and fully engaging presentation quality materials.

Are you ready to present your next workshop? if you are not sure, then give us a call.

Results Oriented
From our workbooks designed around your materials to the final course exams and student feedback forms - your private academy or certificate program will generate consistent, measurable results, every time. Throughput Management is a true partner in your academic-oriented company.

Integrated Platform
Let your students learn the way they want to learn. Digitally master your presentations and render them in any of the following formats: live presentation, web-based/webinar, self-paced, books, DVD, classroom/textbooks, overheads, slide shows, etc. The possibilities are endless.

Contact us for a no-obligation proposal on your next training project.

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