Content Development for your Workshops

Dynamic Speaking

Dynamic Concept Delivery

Interactive learning is always more enjoyable than a one-way lecture. We will show you how to present your materials in a fun and exciting way so your audience has as much fun hearing your message as you do in presenting it.

1, 2, or 3 Day Workshops

We have developed hundreds of 1, 2 and 3-day workshops and seminars. We have also presented thousands of workshops and corporate training sessions all over the world. Who better to have as a development partner than an experienced, professional company dedicated to your success?

Do you have a workshop in need of a tune up? Do you have an outline for a seminar and need one created? You have come to the right place! Throughput Management can be the key to your successful seminar tour. Use the [Contact Us] link above and get started now.

Complete Seminar


Throughput Management will create your entire workshop; from slide-shows, handouts, instructor guide to video presentations and beyond.

This will allow you the time and bandwidth to focus on business development without having to worry about all the technical details of the workshop content.

Your Material or Ours

Do you need to develop content for a workshop? Why not use one of ours? We can either create from scratch or modify one of our existing workshops, tailoring it to your specific requirements.

Systems Developer

Do you need to transform a process in your organization into a formal training system for your staff? We have the experience, training and credentials to develop professional coursework curriculum for your company.

Our training systems include all media types custom tailored to your specifications. We can develop your content or ours in any modern media rendering dynamic, fun and fully engaging presentation quality materials.

Are you ready to present your next workshop? if you are not sure, then give us a call.

Results Oriented
From our workbooks designed around your materials to the final course exams and student feedback forms - your private academy or certificate program will generate consistent, measurable results, every time. Throughput Management is a true partner in your academic-oriented company.

Integrated Platform
Let your students learn the way they want to learn. Digitally master your presentations and render them in any of the following formats: live presentation, web-based/webinar, self-paced, books, DVD, classroom/textbooks, overheads, slide shows, etc. The possibilities are endless.

Contact us for a no-obligation proposal on your next training project.

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