Survey and Assessment

Systems Evaluation

There are many systems in the typical high-rise and each of them needs to be fine-tuned and operating properly to maintain the lowest total cost of ownership. Our property surveys are complete and comprehensive. We will perform a physical inspection, maintenance practice review, perform non-destructive testing and performance evaluations on your commercial building systems.


Whole Building

Once the individual systems are surveyed, we will assess how they all work together. Some examples might include comparing occupancy schedules, lighting control system schedules overlaid with weather data and energy consumption. This method of whole-building review often reveals operational trends that could be a source of energy waste.

Planning for the Future

Where there are issues, our reports include details of the system, details of the problems found, suggested corrective actions and estimated repair costs.

The True Cost Systemô is a set of analytical tools developed by Throughput Management. These tools can be applied to a wide variety of systems and processes. The results are often astounding. The main purpose of these tools is to identify waste; whether it is water, electricity, time or some other commodity; it all resolves to money, wasted money. Most often the issues discovered are related to policies that need to be created, changed or updated.

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Property Assessment

Our comprehensive property surveys will reveal in clear language, the condition and life expectancy of your mechanical, electrical, plumbing, steam, chilled water, split/package, vav, pneumatic, thermal storage, fan, fire life safety, energy management, water usage, lighting, HVAC automation and/or roofing systems. The report will include an assessment of your maintenance practices too.

This will offer you the opportunity to evaluate your current operation the way it was originally designed, as an integrated organism we commonly refer to as a 'commercial building'.

The real value of this type of property survey is that it is objective. This allows you to evaluate the data revealed in the inspections and make sound judgments regarding repair, replacement, overhaul or tune. We use a simple grading system to show the areas of concern with pictures, explanations and even numerically with 'at-a-glance' charts and graphs.

The survey format is designed to be integrated into a project plan. Items identified in the report with suggested corrective action can be easily prioritized, sectioned out to be performed later or grouped with other unrelated projects. The key is to make the reports modular and include the correct level of detail and estimated repair costs.

The goal with all of our property assessments is clear and concise reporting so you can design your project effectively.

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