Diversions from the Landfill

Solid Waste

It is easy to say 'Recycle' and another thing to actually find a way to accomplish it. Consider what it takes just to recycle glass bottles. Glass bottles are 100% recycle-able. Once the consumer is done with it, the bottle is often stored in the home or office for days, sometimes weeks. Weekly, the local garbage hauler collects it where it is again stored for days, weeks or longer. Can green glass be mixed with clear glass? What about brown glass? What happens to all the metal, plastic and paper from the caps and labels?

Throughput Management, Inc. can design streamlined processes, equipment and transfer stations to handle solid waste ranging from glass, plastics, metals, fibers and food waste. The entire process from collection to re-manufacture must be properly designed and managed so that it remains economically viable for all parties involved.

Commercial Recycling

Commercial Recycling

Look a little closer. This is not garbage, but completely reusable, mixed recycle materials.

Construction and Demolition

Many materials used in construction are 100 percent re-usable. Consider how much copper pipe and wire there is in a typical commercial building. Concrete can be crushed to make road bed.

demo debris

Wood Products

    Wood and wood products can be:
  • turned into wood pulp - a precursor to paper.
  • re-certified for construction and directly re-used
  • chipped and used as ground cover
  • shredded to be blended with an organic stream entering a composting cycle
  • Used as arts and crafts supplies

Other Materials

Whether the building is primarily brick, concrete and steel or plain old wood, we can develop methods to re-introduce the materials to a manufacturing plant. Construction and demolition companies alike can reap huge gains and promote environmental responsibility into their organizations.

Throughput Management, Inc. is the right partner to develop real world solutions in diverting construction and demolition debris from landfill to recycling.

Alternate Pathways

Large metropolitan areas with significant construction activity may warrant a dedicated, regional transfer station for construction and demolistion debris. This will ensure the waste stream has at least one alternate pathway, other than the landfill.

Manufacturing Processes

Not all materials that go into a manufacturing process come out in the final product. On the contrary, most industry creates significant waste products, at least it is not usable by the company generating the waste.

Throughput Management, Inc. will take on your challenge and find a way to collect, pre-process and package your waste materials. Furthermore, we will also find a buyer and manage the entire process so you can remain focused on your core business. Your trash becomes our treasure. We work globally in a variety of industries and market sectors. Call or email us for a free, no-obligation consultation.


Simple Plan
Our approach for your difficult-to-recycle materials:

1. We will create a repeatable, mechanical process that can easily grow without incremental costs.

2. The output of our process will render the materials in a condition for direct re-manufacture without further processing.

3. There will not be any waste products to send to the landfill.

Do you have a 'problem material'? Looking for ways to pre-process it for recycling? Throughput Management has the key.

eWaste is a byproduct of our technology-based society. We buy computers, printers, copiers and the latest televisions at a frightening pace. All this new technology is also becoming obsolete, being replaced with the next generation of gadgets.

Most of the time, these discards end up in the landfill and add to the heavy metals and other toxins polluting our ground water. We streamline the collection, processing and re-manufacturing of this material source.

We consult, design, build and manage all manner of systems, programs and processes to divert solid waste products from the landfills back to industry. Do you have a problem material and need to find a use or re-use? We can help.

We design, build and operate dismantling centers and transfer stations for all sorts of waste, from eWaste to residential refuse, construction debris and commercial recycling programs.

Specialty Materials
Tires, carpet, leaded glass and a host of other materials pose significant challenges to the recycle company.

We not only have solutions for these and other special materials, we also have the processes and machines to pre-process them. We manage a network of buyers that are ready to purchase your pre-processed materials.

About Us

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