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Calling All Municipal Waste Authorities!

We have access to a wide range of disciplines and a vast experience base internally and through our affiliate network that we can put to work for you. Do you have a business within your service area that has hard-to-recycle materials going into the landfill? Maybe part of your commercial, manufacturing or industrial sector is generating materials that cannot be easily recycled or reused.

We can bring together the right expertise, talent and real-world experience to develop new and innovative ways to solve your waste problems. Throughput Management, Inc. can develop processes, protocols, equipment, systems and techniques to turn the waste of today into raw materials for tomorrow. Your waste problems are our opportunity.


Achieving the Goal

How can a public works agency really achieve its goals of reducing waste and shrinking their landfills? Citizen support, tax revenues spent on recycling initiatives, local business participation and a concerted effort by the waste authority are all vital. But what happens when the problem is complex and a solution does not exist?

This is where Throughput Management, Inc. really shows its value as a genuine partner and solution provider. We will work with the municipal waste authority, the local waste generator, hauling services, processing and finally distribution to the manufacturer for inclusion into their feedstock. We will find or create a workable, sustainable solution.

Long-Term Stream Management

There is no point in solving complex waste issues for the short term. The solution must be economically feasible and sustainable for the long haul. All participants in the solution must 'win' or the system will eventually falter.

We will manage not only the waste stream but the processes and overall stream performance too. We have developed many complex protocols involving distributed automation services, interactive and dynamic processes in a wide range of applications.

The True Cost System™ is our flagship service offering. It is a comprehensive, analytical tool-set that encompasses all the needed steps to analyze your complex waste stream issues. We can, we will find or create a solution to your hard-to-recycle waste streams.


Referral-base Relationship

We would prefer to offer our research and development services to the local municipality on a referral basis. That means that we do not require any retainer or long-term agreement. When a problem arises, just drop us a line and we will meet with you to discuss your challenges.

Throughput Management, Inc. is the right R&D partner to have when trying to solve waste stream-to-recycle issues; large or small.


Simple Plan
Our approach for your difficult-to-recycle materials:

1. We will create a repeatable, mechanical process that can easily grow without incremental costs.

2. The output of our process will render the materials in a condition for direct re-manufacture without further processing.

3. There will not be any waste products to send to the landfill.

Do you have a 'problem material'? Looking for ways to pre-process it for recycling? Throughput Management has the key.

eWaste is a byproduct of our technology-based society. We buy computers, printers, copiers and the latest televisions at a frightening pace. All this new technology is also becoming obsolete, being replaced with the next generation of gadgets.

Most of the time, these discards end up in the landfill and add to the heavy metals and other toxins polluting our ground water. We streamline the collection, processing and re-manufacturing of this material source.

We consult, design, build and manage all manner of systems, programs and processes to divert solid waste products from the landfills back to industry. Do you have a problem material and need to find a use or re-use? We can help.

We design, build and operate dismantling centers and transfer stations for all sorts of waste, from eWaste to residential refuse, construction debris and commercial recycling programs.

Specialty Materials
Tires, carpet, leaded glass and a host of other materials pose significant challenges to the recycle company.

We not only have solutions for these and other special materials, we also have the processes and machines to pre-process them. We manage a network of buyers that are ready to purchase your pre-processed materials.

About Us

Throughput Management, Inc. is a leading commercial and industrial real estate service company. Our core business is based upon continuous improvement in commercial and industrial property operations by performing audits, making process improvements and providing managerial, financial and operations training.

We operate a global Fuel Desk where we buy, sell and broker crude oil, refined petroleum products, fuels and gases.

The COVID-19 Pandemic has created disruptive global upheaval causing loss of life and economic uncertaintanty. Throughput Management intends to be part of the recovery and has devoted sigificant resources to providing medical supplies to those in need.

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