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Throughput Management, Inc.

Throughput Management, Inc. is a leading commercial and industrial real estate service company. Our core business is based upon continuous improvement in commercial property operations by performing audits, making process improvments and providing mangerial, financial and operations training. Call us from anywhere in the USA +1 (800) 808-7580

Overview of our Workshops

The Training You Need

Industrial, commercial and residential property management, operations, maintenance and support services are in demand now. Even though there may be market fluctuations and economic uncertainty, the requirements to maintain real estate have not wavered.

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Are you a real estate service professional looking for the latest trends in technology or management techniques?

Perhaps you are managing or working in one of the scores of service trades supporting commercial real estate?

Our courses for investors, brokers and property managers are designed and presented by industry professionals with the experience to answer your tough questions.


Real Estate Services

Hone your skills to maintain that competitive edge in commercial service fields too, like engineering and operations. Get a quick refresher to prepare for an upcoming project in your facility. Prepare for entrance exams, promotions, interviews or review boards and stay on top of your game.

Learn about your vendors and how to effectively manage them. If you are the service provider, we will show you how to serve your customer and build lasting value into your offering. Throughput Management, Inc. is here to help you create and maintain a strong career path in commercial property management, service and support.

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Workshops built for you

Each workshop is designed to present the subject material in a structured, easy-to-absorb way so they are educational yet fun and enjoyable. You will learn valuable techniques that can implement the day you return to your facility. Select the course length to get the right level of detail for you.

The Semester courses are 5 months (400 hours) in length, Monday through Friday in our training centers. Choose morning, afternoon or evening classes that fit around your career.

Our Saturday-Only courses are 3-months long and compress an entire semester's worth of study into 12 intensive Saturday sessions. These are designed for the experienced professional and students must pass an entrance interview / exam before being accepted into these courses.

We also present 2-day and 1-day workshops so you can get the detailed information you need in a concise, interactive forum from an active industry professional.

Take what you learn back to the office and apply it immediately!

Snap Shot and Tabletop

Our Snap Shot series cover a wide range of topics for the working professional. These courses are 2-hour evening workshops in a setting meant to be interactive. The workbooks included with each session contain outlines, shortcuts, tips and tricks.

The Tabletop Series are all 1-hour topic overview presentations meant to be offered in private company meetings and professional events. We will provide an industry expert to present 1) an overview of the topic you select from our listing, 2) a quick-reference style outline and still have time for 3) questions and answers. Do you need a guest speaker at your next 'all hands' meeting?

Certificates and Financing

Most of our workshops are available with pre-pay discounts, special group rates, extended payment plans and/or financial aid. Some participants may qualify for grant support.

Most of our programs offer certificates of completion that are serialized and signed by the presenter/instructor.

Job referral services are offered upon completion of some courses in select areas.

Learn and Save

Our North American workshop circuit offers a wide variety of seminars and workshops covering most every aspect of commercial real estate management and operations. Most include continental breakfast, beverages, lunch and course materials.

Sign up early, seating is limited.

Get the right level of detail
TableTop presentations are single-topic 1-hour discussions often utilized in a 'guest speaker' fashion for private management meetings.

Snapshot Series workshops are intensive, 2-hour evening workshops for the working professional. Learn what you need from a working professional.

1 and 2-day workshops are our most popular and cover the widest array of topics. Like all of our workshops, they come with a detailed workbook and are presented by a professional, with years of experience working in the field being presented.

Need more? We offer a compressed 3-month, Saturday-only schedule for working professionals. Classroom, lab, lecture, interactive, hands-on learning are all part of these certificate courses.

Do you have a large group? Our workshop tour can be expanded or altered to offer private group workshops and training.

Just send us an email with your requirements.

The Seminar Track newsletter will keep you informed about our workshop schedules. See the latest trends in the training world. Keep up to date on workshops in your area.

Our workshops are designed to be educational and informative. We work hard to make the workshop experience rewarding for the people attending and their employers. We will show you how to put what you learn into practical use.

Payment Options
We accept all major credit cards, purchase orders, standard invoicing and credit lines for qualified customers.

We support paper-less billing and payment by bank wire transfer too.