Managing the Network

Logistics and Procurement

Manufacturers, packaging, materials handlers, product brokers, wholesaler, shipping companies and retailers all participate in moving the merchandise from idea to consumer. Sometimes these parties require project management, acquisition financing or some other logistical support to complete a transaction or series of transactions.

This is where Throughput Management, Inc. can add real, measurable value to your logistics project.

Container Ship

Encapsulated Project

We treat each product acquisition as a separate project. This allows us to segregate resources and use a template approach. From step 1 through fulfillment, we have a repeatable, well-tuned process. Sure, each product is different, so are the manufacturers, shipping and transport services and financing requirements. The key to our success is in the methodology we use.

The set of seemingly endless variables in global procurement and logistics is a great fit for our analytical tools and technology. Throughput Management, Inc. has developed this robust system we call The True Cost System to manage complicated industrial processes and applied it to global logistics.

Global Shipping

Transportation Management

We offer more than just route planning and carrier selection. Our team has the real-world experience and time on the ground to understand the problems we are solving. This expertise coupled with our process management tools makes an ideal combination.

Our customers appreciate the reliability and repeatability of our systems and services.

Financing and Funding

Sometimes the problems we solve are a matter of cash flow. Do you have a customer requiring terms and you need COD? Are you a buyer and need terms that your supplier cannot meet?

Throughput Management has the right combination of support, service and financial backing to get your materials, merchandise or supplies going again. We can provide fulfillment and delivery services and 'buffer' the cash flow so that the vendor and customer both get what they need - cash flow management!


Do you need to develop a pilot release for your product? Which part of the market place will be the best? We can help. Our diverse team of researchers and marketing specialists will do the hard part. We will quantify and demonstrate where your market is and how to identify with them.

There is more to getting a product than just placing an order. We have the skills and experience in global shipping and supply chain management. Throughput Management, Inc. can also finance the acquisition and transport of your next order so all you have to do is call us! Our flexible terms and generous payment plans make product acquisition financing transparent; just order and go.

Most products manufactured today experience a surprising variety of transportation types during their life cycle. From raw materials to finished product and on to the retailers will only bring us to the halfway point. From there the consumer often uses a product and then discards it after its useful life. The next part of the journey is often to a landfill or scrap yard eventually returning to the manufacturer.

Need help with shipping and material movement management? We are here for you. Call our office to get started on a no-obligation investigation into how we may solve your transport issues.

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