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Our investment paper consulting services include guidance and matching services to buyers and sellers alike. Our carefully managed relationships are few but powerful.

If you need to buy or sell investment-grade paper, give us a call and decide for yourself if we have what you are looking for.


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Your phone call or email coupled with our network and discretion will fast-track your service request to serve the buyer, seller and brokers alike. Our perspective is service and our view is for the long term.

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Trade Desk

Mystery Revealed
There are no real mysteries anymore, except maybe in investment banking and trade desk operations. In the back-end of most commercial banks there is an ongoing need to process transactions in multiple currencies where international commerce is alive and well.

Forex Market
Most of the time when a bank needs to receive currency in one currency type and send it back out in another, the actual currency changing is done on the Forex Market. This highly liquid market trades more than 6Trillion Dollars in dozens of currencies every day.

Bonds and Notes
Are you looking for investment grade debt? We may be the solution you have been looking for. Call or write, we want to hear from you.

Trade Desk
Individuals, companies, brokerages, banks and speculators of all sorts trade on the Forex Market. It is a common for trades to have a market value of billions of dollars.

Fractional Reserve
Fractional Reserve Banking is a system were the regulatory body decides how much currency a financial institution has to control as a percentage of deposits they are responsible for.

A good example is the USA Banking System where there is a requirement for the banks to control 10% of the deposits on their books. This means when you deposit $100 USD the bank has to maintain control of at least $10 USD.

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Throughput Management, Inc. is a leading commercial and industrial real estate service company. Our core business is based upon continuous improvement in commercial and industrial property operations by performing audits, making process improvements and providing managerial, financial and operations training.

We operate a global Fuel Desk where we buy, sell and broker crude oil, refined petroleum products, fuels and gases.

The COVID-19 Pandemic has created disruptive global upheaval causing loss of life and economic uncertaintanty. Throughput Management intends to be part of the recovery and has devoted sigificant resources to providing medical supplies to those in need.

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