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Throughput Management, Inc.

Throughput Management, Inc. is a leading commercial and industrial real estate service company. Our core business is based upon continuous improvement in commercial and industrial property operations by performing audits, making process improvments and providing mangerial, financial and operations training. We operate a global Fuel Desk where we buy, sell and broker crude oil, refined petroleum products, fuels and gases. Call us from anywhere in the USA +1 (415) 516-7478 or email at

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Who we are

We have clearly defined objectives, comprehensive audit tools and a specific mission to find, capture and minimize waste for our clients.

Just telling someone about a problem is not going to fix it. We have the right technology to maintain the solutions we engineer. Our services ensure the savings we create are managed now and into the future.

Most of our services are available on a performance basis. That means we share the risk with our clients. In some instances we can even secure project-specific performance bonds to shift all of the risk from our clients onto us.

Ask about our 'No Downside Guarantee'