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Throughput Management, Inc.

Throughput Management, Inc. is a leading commercial and industrial real estate service company. Our core business is based upon continuous improvement in commercial and industrial property operations by performing audits, making process improvments and providing mangerial, financial and operations training. We operate a global Fuel Desk where we buy, sell and broker crude oil, refined petroleum products, fuels and gases. Call us from anywhere in the USA +1 (415) 516-7478 or email at

Who is Throughput Management

Core-Level Commercial Property Support

We are a commercial and industrial real estate service, consulting and audit firm with the action plan to solve the problems we find.

Throughput Management is also a direct owner-operator of commercial and industrial property. We own and manage multiple types of property in several markets.

Our audit services cover every aspect of commercial real estate and the industries supporting them. Everything from utility usage, life-cycle analysis of equipment and structures to vendor management policy and maintenance practices.

Call or email for a no-obligation review of your property and how our services could reduce your operating cost and reduce financial risk to your overall operation.

Water cycle

Founders Commitment

The founders of Throughput Management, Inc. come from a background in the industries we now serve. Our tools and techniques come from decades of experience in commercial and industrial property and technical process management.

We are experts in our field with the credentials and experience needed to get the job done.


Throughput Management is not just a name, it actually defines what we do. Our primary aim is to identify and manage the risks that are a part of life in our global economy. Some risks are obvious and easily controlled or mitigated through standard means, while others sometimes go unnoticed for months or even years.

Small mistakes or oversights can quickly add up to millions of dollars in waste. We combat this by building the right blend of technology into our solutions so that our clients can make decisions based on information without having to become data analyst.

We can help you work smarter by giving you the information you need when you need it.

What risks to your throughput exist today?

How much is the unknown risk in your business costing you?


Energy Support Services

We provide capital, logistics, hardware and other support services to the oil, gas, mining and mineral exploration industries across the USA.

The breadth of the needs and our service capabilities are too broad to enumerate here. If you are in the mineral or mining industry, it is likely we can improve your process or operation.

Who we are

We have clearly defined objectives, comprehensive audit tools and a specific mission to find, capture and minimize waste for our clients.

Just telling someone about a problem is not going to fix it. We have the right technology to maintain the solutions we engineer. Our services ensure the savings we create are managed now and into the future.

Most of our services are available on a performance basis. That means we share the risk with our clients. In some instances we can even secure project-specific performance bonds to shift all of the risk from our clients onto us.

Ask about our 'No Downside Guarantee'