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Business Plans Done Right

We are here to assist you in bootstrapping your company off the ground or preparing for a major expansion or funding. Our services include creating your business plan from scratch or enhancing your outdated planning documents from when you started.

The business development staff here at Throughput Management have reviewed, built and tuned thousands of business plans, created presentations for venture capital pitches and we can make you look your very best.

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Company Builder

Property Sourcing

If you are ready to upgrade your office, expand into a larger space or move into a new building, we want to be your prime logistics service provider.

Our services include a whole range of items you will need in order to grow effectively. Throughput Management can provide property sourcing where we locate your next office location, complete space planning, renovation management, relocation services of your; staff, server rooms, operations and functionality.

Labor Forecasts

The new normal is a far cry from top-heavy, multi-layered management with vast work-forces of hourly workers from the industrial age. Companies today are looking to slim down and improve efficiency with effective staffing models, pay structures to retain top talent and streamline from within.

We work interactively with our clients to demonstrate practical blends of staffing to manager ratios and automation. All of this can be modeled for your business plan presentation or implemented in your shop.


Finance Model

Financial modelling can be a tedious chore, especially when there are a lot of forecasting and forward-looking statements and not much in the way of historical data. This is one of our strengths, producing print-quality presentations with hard data, charts, graphs and the right blend of text and other visuals. Our accounting experts can quickly analyze your data and concepts and render professional, high quality reports to include in your planning process.

If you are looking for alternate business finance solutions, check out the Finance section on the menu above.

Make it Pop!

Focused Marketing
Our marketing team will start with a comprehensive demographic study in and around your facility. Interactive discussions with your management team will allow us to tailor your message and build your brand, company culture and specific intentions into the overall project.

Target Audience
The overall success of your marketing efforts will be in a large part due to how many of your target customers actually receive your message. We will show you how this is done with analytical tools, data mining and effective use of technology.

Traditional Media
Newspapers are fading in popularity in paper form, but are growing and evolving online. Did you know almost every major metropolitan newspaper is now online? This means your text or display ad can be served to millions of readers picking up stories from news aggregators without ever subscribing to the newspaper.

Social Platforms
Creating, building and maintaining relevant content in social media platforms is now considered a requirement for most businesses. We can manage some or all of this sometimes daunting task.

Specialty project finance using investment bank instruments may be the key to funding your complicated, hard-to-fund project.

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